Target Customers:

  • End-Users who want reuse their wastewater
  • Consulting Engineers Companies
  • Contractors who need design parameters
  • Membrane Manufacturers who need to check their modules performance

Why Pilot:

  • Finding best flux and then surface area of membranes
  • Reality of treated water characteristics then choosing next processes.
  • Find out best operation data
  • To do performance tests on different MBR modules

General View:

  • Transportable Skid
  • Sun light and dust resistance equipment
  • UPVC or Stainless-Steel piping
  • Chemical cleaning by automatic system-flux enhancing
  • Continues or batch operation
  • Protection to prevent membrane damage



Hollow Fiber

Technical Data:

Operation capacity: 300-600 lit/h                                                                                                   

  • Including Separate Biological and MBR tanks
  • Max Membrane area: 30m2
  • 5000 lit Biological Tank
  • 1000 Lit MBR tank with HDPE materialPermeate pump with controlling rate
  • RAS pump with 5Q capacity
  • Chemical dosing for Maintenance Cleaning (MC)
  • Separate aeration blowers for Biological and Membrane scouring
  • Air compressor and pneumatic valves
  • Instruments:
    • Online Magnetic flow meters
    • Level sensors
    • Pressure sensors
  • Control:
      • PLC and finger touch HMI
      • Full automatic operation and cleaning
      • VFDs for air and water flows